Best In Class MaxxFi
Edge Antenna Solutions

We manufacture next level, best-in-class MaxxFi Edge antennas and hardware components and combine those components with Enterprise Class Routers to provide EDGE connectivity solutions that deliver best in class performance. From mobility to failover solutions, we will enhance the performance of your project.

Our antennas are second to none.

Integrated and Unique
Intelligent Vehicle Systems

IntelliTraxx provides cost-effective fleet vehicle tracking with IntelliTraxx+ being the next generation of IntelliTraxx with expanded capabilities for Transit, School Buses, Ambulances and more. IntelliTruxx is our DOT compliant long haul trucking system. All of these vehicle tracking system options are designed to make you run more efficiently, more effectively—because you know what your commercial fleet is doing on the road.

Save Business Capital
With Our Subscription Program

Want to budget your program? Simply fill out our online subscription application to qualify today. Our subscription program allows you to get new equipment now and pay for it overtime so you can save your capital. You can have your fleet equipped with MaxxFi solutions in no time at all. With the subscription program, we refresh all hardware at no charge as part of the program to ensure you’re never using obsolete hardware.  

Bundle MaxxFi products
for best in class solutions

Save money and increase network performance with one of our MaxxFi bundles that include IntelliTraxx, 5 lead EDGE antenna and the Cradlepoint IBR900/1100 router. Ask your Cradlepoint Reseller for the best. Ask for MaxxFi.

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